Data Grid Export

Upon popular request, CYS has improved on the user friendliness of downloading data from the Data Grid in your Dashboard. You are now able to make a complete download of the data represented in your Data Grid without the limitation of a maximized number of records. When using this export option, an export file is created in the background and a link to the file is published in your notification center when it is ready. It will remain available to you for 24 hours. 

To make an export, first apply the filters and period settings of your choice to ensure you have the correct selection of data that you would like to export. Then click on the button in the top right corner of your Data Grid matching the desired file type you would like to receive. At the moment it is possible to receive an export in PDF or XLSX format.

A green confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen to notify you that the export is in progress.

If you take a look at the notification bell, you will notice a new alert has appeared.

Go to your notifications and click on the notification "Your export is ready and available here for 24 hours" to download the file to your device.

Users can only export data from the Data Grid that they are already able to see. So if there are preset filters applied, they only have access to that data. If you want to prevent your users from making exports, you are able to hide the export button. In order to do so, open your dashboard in edit mode, go to the Settings tab of the Data grid and deactivate the option 'Allow export of data'.


The improved export functionality provides you with an easy and safe way for your users to download exactly the data they need, without having to provide access to the main database.

If you need more assistance in downloading data, please feel free to reach out to our support department at

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