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Wish: Setting quota on sample group to be invited

When a client has a big sample, we want to have the choice to read in a certain amount of records. So for example, the batch which is offered for import has 1000 records. But we only want to use 150 of these, maybe randomly chosen. The rest of the records will not be used and has no value to the client whatsoever.

We would also want to have this functionality to be used for groups in the offered batch. For example, We get a big batch of sample being offered everyday. This consists records of people going to various supermarkets.

We get 2000 records, but for supermarket A we only want to invite randomly 60 people. For supermarket B we want to invite randomly 67 people. For supermarket C we want to invite randomly 45 people.

The random number needs to be adjusted when needed. These numbers need to be correct after exclusion, so maybe a creation rule would not do. And maybe a solution of that would be to retroactively delete the records which have not been invited.

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