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WISH: Updated scroll / swipe functionality

I recently received a ticket from one of our partners about scrolling and swiping while filling out a questionnaire on a phone. The partner encountered problems scrolling down a question on a phone with a small screen. He discovered he was not able to easily scroll down one of the questions to press the proceed button. The 'issue' presented when answering a KPI question (NPS) and swiping accross the answer area.

Up to a certain extend this is an expected functionality. You do not want the repondent to accidently answer or change a answer already given to when swiping the screen. This could also cause unexpected results if 'auto proceed' is active. Because of this, the screen must be swiped outside answer area.

This functionality is not implemented consistently in the rest of the questionnaire: With the root cause question(s) you can scroll the screen by swiping accross the answer categories without immediately selecting an option / category. A text field can also be swiped without immediatly activating the field. 

It would be a big improvement to also be able to scroll through a window by also swiping the answer categories of a KPI question (NPS, CSAT, CES) without immediately activating or selecting an option/ category.

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