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WISH: Fix scrollbars dashboard

In the dashboard section, many of my users are complaining about how the scrollbar works, some complain loudly. 

Basically, if you have a dashboard which stretches below what you see on 1 screen. First of all, the scrollbar doesn't show on the right at all. But not only that, you get 2 scrollbars, and if you have a widget like a table, you might end up having 3 scrollbars in one page, where all are very small and not displaying themselves.

MY first suggestion would be to make filters+dates Stick to a separate frame and merge the 2 scrollbars on the right into one scrollbar, where this scrollbar is not designed but rather the browsers normal scrollbar. This would improve the usability a lot and end a lot of questions/annoyances we get about the dashboard that we cant solve.

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