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We're looking at displaying other forms of data which are not CX oriented but rather Brand oriented. There is a magnitude of standard charts missing, most explicitly the line chart and line chart with 2 axis, but there are more charts that would help us immensely.

A market funnel (google it). Example here

Now basically, we would love to have something like this done, where we can define the steps in it, so we could link a variable to a given row, and also a setting to display a small table on the right hand side. THis table would ideally be able to show 2 columns

Column 1 Changes vs previous period (Which is then linked to settings of dashboard)

Column 2 = YoY changes. 

So basically we can see the current funnel and a table showing +- vs previous period and previous year.

This would be a great addition to current library of charts.

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