This article provides you with a step by step walkthrough for the process of creating a new user.

The first thing you’d probably want to do when starting up, is create a new user. Becoming a customer centric company is a team effort and to make this happen you want as many members on board as possible.

To create a new user so please navigate to the tab User List. Next click on +Add New User in the top right corner of the screen.

In the following pop-up screen, you are able to fill out the personal data of the new user. Let’s call him Aaron for now. Before you are able to press the Create button, you need to at least fill out the parts that are marked with a red asterix (*), i.e. whether the user will be a full user or an app user, the first name of the agent and the email address. Next, click Create to finalize the process.

Aaron now appeared in the user list. His status is pending and we are waiting for him to activate his account. For him to be able to do this, Aaron needs to receive an activation link, so let’s send him one!

First, select Aaron’s account by checking the box in front of his name. You can select multiple users at once, or click the box at the top to select all users in the user list. Next click the Action button to open up a dropdown menu. Click the third option to send Aaron his activation email.

You will be prompted to verify your action first as a safety rule that’s built in the software. Choose the blue pill to verify.

Aaron will now receive an e-mail in his link to activate his account. The link will be kept active for a limited period of time. After having verified his account though this link, Aaron is now a happy member of your family!

  • I can’t create the user under the e-mail account I want to appoint to him

If the email address doesn’t meet the standard “description@domain.extension” or if another user has already been registered with the same e-mail address, a red mark will appear behind it and this user will not be created. Make sure the email address is valid (and bears a green mark) to be able to create a new user.