User management

Exporting users

This article offers you a step by step description on how you perform a user export.

Browsing through the User List is an action that will soon become like a second nature to you. But what to do if you have to add an entire company registered with your portal? The task of flipping through all those users becomes much easier when you make use of the export function. You can now create an overview of all your employees at a glance by exporting them into an excel file.

All you have to do is click Export all and you will receive a download with all of the basic user data that has been entered into your portal. Yes, it is that simple! The excel file will contain separate columns to organize the users by type, email address, First name and if entered Last name and gender. You can use this export to quickly scan the user data and process it in excel.

  • I made some changes to my User List in my export and want to import these, but I receive an error

We’re sorry, at this moment it is not possible to edit users this way. Since the program recognizes the use of the same e-mail the user will not be created. The program will not take the latest data as leading and overwrite the old user data.