This article provides you with a short description of the setup of the Roles page and summarizes the actions that can be taken within it.

Because of security, not all users should have the same roles and scope within a project. Depending on their function within the company you would like your uses to be able to access, edit or even delete certain information or functionalities within the portal on different levels. The Roles tab offers you the ability to define different levels of authorization or even create your own custom roles within your portal.

A standard set of roles has been provided for you. These are sorted alphabetically. All custom roles will be placed underneath this set. The predefined roles cannot be altered in their core functionality, the custom roles can be edited at any given time. Click on a role to unfold the special characteristics of that role. Click again to collapse them.

Because no company has the same internal security structure, we all have different ideas about what a user should and should not be able to do or have access to. This is why we made it possible to make the different roles customizable on every possible level and for every possible action. Custom roles can be copied and deleted if needed by clicking on the corresponding icons behind the role name.

  • I would like to use a predefined role except for one functionality. Can I make this happen?

Since the predefined roles cannot be edited you need to create a new role instead that is similar to the admin role, but has the one exception. The fact that the admin role exists, doesn’t mean you have to use it. Assigning a custom role to your users works just as well!