In order to guarantee a representative scan, the setup for a certified IRIS scan has been standardized.

To measure is to know. Only by measuring and collecting data in a uniform manner, we gain an accurate insight concerning the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By creating a complete and comparable overview of infection risks in the (health)care department, targeted improvements can be applied to help reduce infections.

To qualify as a certified IRIS Scan, the setup of your project must meet the following requirements:

  • The scan must be completed within a maximum period of one to two consecutive months.
  • The setup is bound by departments. Every department has to complete
    • A minimum of 50 patient/client scans, including cultures
    • A minimum of 20 clothing regulation scans
    • Exactly one structural conditions scan
    • Exactly one environmental contamination scan
    • Exactly one hand hygiene scan (based on consumption)

  • FAQ: The nursing home or child care center I wish to conduct a scan at does not house enough patients to perform 50 scans on. Can I still comply when I make fewer entries?

In case of small departments within nursing homes or child care centers it is allowed to perform the patient scan over multiple departments and complete all other scans per department.