IRIS is short for Infection RIsk Scan.

The IRIS is a tool that provides your organization with a complete overview of process and result related measurements regarding infection prevention risks on a patient, department and organizational level.

To measure is to know. In order to measure and identify contamination risk factors in the same manner, CIDER has developed the IRIS as a digital instrument (an app) that maps the risk of obtaining and spreading antibiotic resistant bacteria. Think for example of processes that can be influenced by people such as cleaning, hand hygiene or the proper use of medical devices and administration of antibiotics.

In addition, the IRIS takes into account outcomes such as carriers of resistant bacteria and how they spread. Cultures are taken from patients in hospitals, residents in nursing homes, children in daycare centers and in animal husbandry. The cultures are analyzed in a uniform manner to gain insight in the presence of  particularly resistant micro-organisms in the border area. Through this complete and comparable overview, targeted actions for improvements can be undertaken to help and reduce infections.

CYS develops the software (CYS management portal, IRIS Modules and HRMS mobile APPs) to ensure a way of working that is easy to use, efficient and provides a great user experience in reducing infections.