Security of your data is our top priority. In this article you can read about the technical security measures we have taken to provide you with a trustworthy and reliable service, with comprehensive security at all levels. All data is hosted in the professional and highly certified data centres of Microsoft Azure. More detailed information on Microsoft Azure (such as certificates, safety plans, etc.) can be provided upon request.

Secured network

The network is equipped with firewalls and intrusion detection. Antivirus and malware checks are installed on the systems and workstations and are automatically updated. 

Redundancy and back-ups

For continuity purposes redundancy is used. In addition to that, daily back-ups are performed.

Encrypted SQL database

All databases and projects of our customers are separated and data is stored encrypted.

We use Microsoft Azure databases, located behind Azure firewalls. Access is only allowed from whitelisted IP-addresses in combination with user credentials that are subject to two factor authentication. 

Monitoring and logging

Activities in the admin accounts are being monitored and logged.

Secure connections

Secure FTP

The highest possible security level is available for data transfers. This level is also used for transfers between secure FTP and the SQL database.

An SFTP connection with IP security is used for customers. This type of connection will only allow the IP address that is provided by the customer, belonging to the network that initiates the data transfer. Certificates can be added on request. 

We use a 22 digit password, randomly generated by a password generator. On request, we are able to use the public keys.

Secure HTTPS

The CYS dashboard (part of your portal) works on a HTTPS server. All data in the dashboards are secured by login. Each login has their own access level, and requires a username and password. 

If you have additional questions on how we keep your data safe, feel free to contact us through and we will provide you with the information you need!