When creating a user, one of the first things you have to consider is whether this user will be a user or a collaborator.

A user (or Full user) is a member of your organization you wish to help manage projects. He may create or edit questionnaires and can create dashboard views for others.

When a new user is created and is appointed the role of user, you may choose from a number of internal roles you can appoint to him, depending on the security level that user may have access to within the company. Examples are for instance the roles for a project manager or an administrator.

Depending on the security access, the user has been awarded with he may have access to the data of other users or even, in the case of an administrator, edit them.

Using the project management and my questionnaires section, a user can create projects or  questionnaires and edit or even delete them.

Using the my dashboard section, a collaborator can create views and analyses for others and determine what information is released at what point in time.

Furthermore there are several other functions that can be accessed by a user type account, depending on the security role, such as the blogs section or the media library.

  • My colleague and I both have user type accounts, but my colleague has access to more options than I do. How is this possible?

Your colleague probably has a different internal role assigned to his username. Not all user type accounts have the same rights. There are different security levels for user type accounts.