In a project it is the questionnaire by which the data is collected. However, in most cases you want to add additional background information about your organization to give meaning to the gathered data. Adding this info to your sample isn't always an option beforehand, which is why we created the Characteristics Form. This will enable you to add background information about your organizational structure (e.g. Region, Department, Country, etc.) to your Groups. So when a questionnaire is filled out about Location A, our software will add all the relevant background information to your results. The categories you add to your characteristics form will later determine the filter options in your dashboard and reporting.

Go to Usermanagement and click on the Characteristics form tab.

Here you can create a custom characteristics form. Whatever form you are creating, it will appear as a dropdown in the designated area within the group form.

Initially, this screen will be empty, and you will need to click on add new characteristics form to create a new form. A popup will appear, where you need to enter a form name and click on the create button. You will now have te options to edit, duplicate and delete the form.

Under the form accordion, you will be able to add custom fields. These will offer you the possibility to enter data in the form of date, time, textbox, description field (for large quantities of text), number and dropdown list.

If you select dropdown, you will be able to add fields by clicking on the add field values button. Also, you may add fields by clicking on the import from Excel link to import large quantities of variables at once.

Don't forget to save the fields within the form to be able to assign this Characteristics form to a group.