If the predefined roles do not match your company's security needs, CYS offers you the possibility to create your own roles with customizable access on all levels.

Because no company is the same it is possible your security calls for different access patterns than we have provided as a standard. Maybe a collaborator should be able to edit projects, but not create them. Or oversee the projects, but not be able to alter them. Not to worry. We have implemented a feature that enables you to set up your own internal role structure.

To create a new custom role, click add new role in the top right corner of the roles tab. A window will pop up asking you for the role name and a description of what this role entails or who it is for. Click save to create the role.


You now have created the role, but it has not yet been defined. To do so, simply click on the newly created role and select all the options a user that this role would get assigned to should be able to have. Toggle between the different tabs of the sections to allow users to view, edit, create or delete items within a section. Simply checking the boxes is enough to activate the ability for a user. Deselecting is enough to disable the functionality.