First of all, we’re very sorry we’ve come across an issue whilst working with our product.

We’re constantly releasing improvements on our product, and we are eager to know about any inconsistencies, so we can fix them and roll them out as soon as possible! To ensure an effective handling of any problems that might arise CYS has set up a ticketing portal using Freshdesk, a Freshworks support solution.

If you come across a problem with our software that hasn’t been covered in the knowledgebase (yet), we encourage you to drop us a note. Our ticketing system turns all of your notes and e-mails into tickets.

Ticketing has many advantages. It ensures a speedy pick up of your questions and comments and bundles all information concerning the same topic. You will also be assigned a ticket number, that makes it easy for you to monitor any updates concerning your question.

There are three ways to create a ticket:

  • You can access our support environment by clicking on the question mark in the right top corner of your portal. It is labelled “help and support” and looks like this:

  • Another way of creating a ticket is by accessing it through our website and click Support. You will be directed to our support section of our website where you’ll be given the option to create a new ticket by clicking on the accompanying tab

  • A ticket will automatically be created If you send an e-mail with your question to


The first time you create a ticket there will be an account created for you. This account allows you to log into our support portal and monitor the status and progress of your ticket. You can access our support portal by clicking on the following image.