When you enter a ticket, we would like to get started on your question right away and pointedly deliver a solution. In order to do so, it is essential for us to get as much information as possible right from the very start.

When you enter a ticket in our support environment, please make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • What is the url of your portal?
  • Provide us with a detailed description of your question, that makes it easy for us to reproduce your question
  • Please send a printscreen that relates to your question, or better yet, a videograb and attach it to your e-mail or ticket.

In addition there are a couple of things that you could check beforehand that would save a lot of time. Please verify in your ticket that you have taken these steps in order for us to narrow down the origin of your question.

  • Please check whether you are using the latest update of our product on your device.
  • Please check the internet connection you are working with (up- and download speed). Open Google, and type “speed test” in the search bar. Click the first result for a reliable up- and download speed test.
  • Please check whether your question originates from use of the app or when using a browser
  • Please clear cache and cookies for your browser and see if this renders a different result
    Depending on the browser you use, there are different ways how to clear your cache and cookies from a scala of both mobile and desktop browsers here.
  • Please try an incognito or private screen and check if this changes the result.
    Depending on your browser there are different ways of entering incognito or private mode. Find out the way how to find out how you do it for your preferred browser here.

I would like to add screenshots to my ticket, but they are not attached.

  • Our ticketing environment supports attachments of no more than 20MB in size per message. Generally, this proves to be more than enough. If you feel the need of adding more attachments than the maximum size, please try and make your images smaller or add a new message to the initial ticket in which you add the rest of the attachments.