Currently it is not possible to verify a new user of which the e-mail address is already recognized as an existing account. This happens when a previous sign in attempt failed or when the e-mail you would like to use is already known within another portal.

When you try to sign in as a new user, following the link you have received from your portal administrator, and your account already exists, you will be notified of this by the following message

Since you cannot activate a new account twice, you would have to use this email address and try to log onto your portal via the regular portal logon url. You will land on this page

You don't have to enter any fields yet, just click "forgot your password?". Since requesting a new password, requires account verification, as well, your account will be activated in this same process.

Enter your password in the designated area of the next screen, and press "Send verification code". You will receive an email in your inbox of the account you just entered. (Please make sure this is in fact the same email address as the one linked to the account that is being verified)

After you have copied the verification code from the email to the designated area, press "verify code". Your code will be verified and you will get a confirmation of your account verification on screen.

Press "Continue" - you don't want to change the e-mail and you will be asked to enter a new password and confirm this.

Confirming this will allow you to enter the portal.

  • FAQ: My screen freezes, loops, or does not redirect.

It is very likely your problems are browser related. We advise to use an updated version of Google Chrome. To ensure the entire process executes fluently, please make use of an incognito window.