When you;ve got your users in place and your groups and characteristics forms sorted, it is time to start creating projects.

Simply click the projects-button in your menu on the left hand side and a schreen will open up with a blue +-icon. Click here to start adding your first project.

You are then given the opportunity to name your project and give a more thorough description. Since you are running an IRIS-project, the type of resesarch you are doing is already labeled "IRIS". This has been greyed out and cannot be altered within the module.
The subtype determines determines the questionnaire that is connected to this project. For a certified IRIS program, you will need to create one separate project for each subtype. You will then end up with six different projects for Envronmental Contamination, Hand Hygiene, Structural Conditions, Patient Scan, Clothing Regulations and Cultures. Press "confirm" if you're satisfied to create your project.

When you're done, you'll notice the menu on your left hand side has gained more options that will unfold if you click the projects button, amongst which is a Schedular button, in order to start planning within a particular project.

The general project screen will now be filled with the projects that you created, showing the basic data concerning activities within that project (i.e. how many active and inactive schedulers are in a project, how much data has been collected etc.) You can always edit or delete projects by clicking on the pen and garbage-icons in the top right corner of each project name.

Please note, for a certified IRIS Scan, you will need to make a project for each of the five areas of research: Patient Scan, Hand Hygiene, Structural Conditions, Environmental contamination, and Clothing Regulations.