If you have made a choice on which way to go concerning your schedulers, it is time to create a set-up.

When you have clicked the scheduler option in the left hand side menu, that has appeared now that you have created a project, a screen will appear offering you the option to add a scheduler, mucht like when you added your projects.

When clicking on the icon, you will first be asked to name your scheduler. The type will always be CYS Mobile app, as this is the platform we have created for you.

Next another screen will appear, inviting you to make a planning for your project. In order to create a planner, you would have to fill out some requirements. For your convenience we'll list them below with a short explanation:

This switch toggles whether your project needs to be accessible in the mobile app.
This is the name of your scheduler. We recommend a simple, explanatory name. If your schedulers are group based you could provide them with the name of the group. If you need these to be round-based, you could mention the number of the round you are executing.
The type for an IRIS scheduler will always be CYS Mobile App and has been predefined for you. One less thing for you to worry about.
This is the number that will be put behind your IRISID and precedes the patientnumber. For round 1 use 1, for round 2, use 2 for instance. It is vital for getting your patientIDs sorted out this is entered correctly.
Target group
 This determines whether the questionnaire you put in place meets the requirements of a hospital, nursing home or child care center.
IRIS Certified
This button is to indicate whether you are running an IRIS Certified check or whether you use the IRIS software to perform your own research.
Start/End date
Use start and end dates to manage the quota within a scheduler. All quota dates must lie between these values. For a certified IRIS scan, the start and end dates should span no more than 2 months.
List view
Toggling this switch enables the list view button in your mobile app.
Use quota
Shoud the exact quota as determined in your quota rows be met exactly or should more/fewer entries be allowed? Setting the minimum or maximum score enables you to determine to automatically close a questionnaire in the app when the quota has been met, or for a user to be able to gather more information than stricly necessary. For an IRIS certified project, we recommend setting EC, HH and SC to exact and CR and PS to minimum.