The next step in making your planning is add quota to your scheduler. Who performs the checks on what department and when do you want them to do it? You will need to do this for each project separately.

As you click on the tab "Quota Management" you'll find yourself on the following screen, where you can actually start planning your project. This is the place where you determine who performs the surveys in what period and how many surveys should be completed before the deadline is reached. To add a quota row, click "add quota".

Since we want to perform your surveys on a department level, instead of organization wide or over an entire organization, you'll want to select the separate departments. Save the selection to add them as quota rows to your planner.

Every department can now perform their own survey. Let's take a look at how many questionnaires you want to be entered per quotarow. In case of a certified IRIS, the quota you'll want to make are at least 20 for Clothing Regulations, 50 for Patient Scan, and exactly 1 each for Environmental Contamination, Structural Conditions and Hand Hygiene.

Next determine, which of your users will be doing the checks at the different departments and enter them into the app. Select the designated users per department and add them to your separate quota rows, taking care that you match the correct users to their departments.

Lastly, enter the dates in between which the data should be gathered per department/quotarow. How you divide this, is entirely up to you and how tight you want your schedule to be. You can enter different periods per department, have an overlap per location, for instance or leave the planning open by maxing out each quota row to the values you entered for the whole scheduler.

The effect of your planning and what you just entered is visible on the app-side. By keeping a minute planning, you'll make sure your users only see the questionnaires they need exactly for the time period that is needed to fill in the questionnaires, thus eliminating confusion on what data to enter in which questionnaire.