When your users log into the app, they'll be able to see what projects you assigned to them. They'll only have access to the questionnaires that are relevant to them, during the designated period that the data needs to be collected..

A project page for a certified IRIS scan should look something like this:

The green dot in the top left corner shows your access to the data server. Green means the data will get stored immediately. Red means the device is off line and data will be stored as soon as a connection becomes available. Check your internet access.

The search bar allows you to look for a specific project if you have been assigned many, while the sorting bar will help you classify your projects alphabetically, by type, by date or by progress.

Each block shows you a survey you're being asked to conduct and where and when this survey needs to be conducted. Your progress is being tracked by the colored bars (orange for started, yet unfinished and green for finished).

By pressing "new" you will start a new questionnaire within the designated project and by choosing "continue" you can pick up on a questionnaire you have terminated before finishing it completely. When "list view" has been activated when creating the scheduler, you are able to see a thrid icon, "List",that allows you to track the progress per questionnaire within a particular project.