Remember the option of the "list view" toggle switch when you set up your schedular? This is what it does:

If you have chosen to activate the list view, you are able to view a list of all current questionnaires within a project. Especially for projects such as the Clothing Regulations and Patient Scan, where multiple quota must be met, this may come in handy.

Pressing the "list" icon in your Project screen, results in a list of all the questionnaires you started. You are also able to see what particular questionnaires you haven't completed yet, and which parts of the unfinished questionnaires still need entires.

This is where the IRIS ID proves its worth as well, since the study ID allows you to find out what exact patient data still needs clarification.

Simply clicking the unfinished questionnaire from the list will allow you access to continue your research. Or, if you simply wish to review your entries, you can access the questionnaire this way as well.