The IRIS module provides you with an easy way of logging the results of your clothing regulations scans.

Do all employees you come across on the department comply to the clothing regulations?

Simply click "new" within the clothing regulations project bar on your project page to open up a new scan.

Step one:

Determine the job function of the employee that is the subject of your scan. Your choices are:

  • Dotctor
  • Nurse
  • Paramedic
  • Other

Step two:

Click on the icons that are not being complied with by that particular employee. To save you the clicks, we have already made "compliant with" the default setting.

The areas that are being checked are:

  • Ring presence
  • Watch presence
  • Wrist jewelry presence
  • Nail length
  • Use of acryllic nails
  • Sleeve length
  • Hair length
  • Length of beard
  • Length of headscarf
  • Damaged nails

Click "enter" to submit the data.