The IRIS module provides you with an easy way of logging the results of your hand hygiene scans.

How does the usage of hand alcohol or hand soap relate to the number of patients in the department?

Simply click "new" within the hand hygiene project bar on your project page to open up a new scan.

Step one:

Fill out the values of the following disinfectant variables:

  • Start date of the measuring period
  • End date of the measuring period
  • Usage of liquid soap in ml.
  • Usage of hand alcohol in ml.
  • Number of patient days
  • Average volume per disinfection moment in ml. (standardized to 2.5 ml)

Click "calculate" to immediately view the result

Step two:

The data you entered is calculated, an you are shown the result immediately. Please check the result before you submit the data.

Click "enter" to submit the data.