The IRIS module provides you with an easy way of logging the results of your structural conditions scans.

Are all required materials present and do they meet certain requirements?

Simply click "new" within the structural conditions project bar on your project page to open up a new scan.

Tap once to verify (checkmark "pass")

Tap twice to deny (checkmark "fail")

Personal protection:

Are the following materials present within the department?

  • Gloves
  • Aprons
  • Masks
  • Protection glasses

Bedpan washer:

Check the following requirements for the bedpan washer.

  • Presence of a bedpan washer
  • Compliance with disinfection requirements
  • Validation of bedpan washer

Hand hygiene:

Are the following hand hygiene items present at every point of care?

  • Hand alcohol
  • Hand soap
  • Disposible towels
  • Hand hygiene poster


Ask three nurses separately if they can locate at least two procedures. Make sure you actually get to see the procedures.

Separation clean/dirty items:

Determine if a correct separateion between clean and dirty items take place.

  • Dust and moisture free storage of linen
  • Separation of clean and dirty linen
  • Separation of clean and dirty dishes

Seating furniture:

Check whether the seating furniture meets the following requirements

  • No presence of fabric chairs or couches
  • Upholstry of chairs and couches is intact

Shelf life:

Is the shelf life of non patient related items exceeded?

  • 5 items
  • 5 products