Yes, CYS uses Microsoft Azure as a sub-processor. You trust CYS to keep your data safe, and we take that responsibility seriously. For that reason, we choose to work with Microsoft Azure. They enable us to fully enjoy the flexibility and efficiency the cloud gives us, while simultaniously securing the safety of your data. Microsoft Azure meets all the GDPR requirements (and more) and is very transparant, hybrid and consistent. On top of that, CYS has access to all the internal Microsoft Azure audits, so we don't have to just rely on what they tell us, we can actually check how they are doing ourselves. We know we can rely on them, and using this sub-processor makes our work easier, more efficient and - let's be honest - a lot safer.

Find more details about Microsoft Azure and data safety on their website. Or contact our support department if you want to get more detailed information about Azure or how exactly we use this.

* This article applies to the CYS SAAS solution.