The IRIS module provides you with an easy way of logging the results of your ATP measurements.

Are all items really hygienically cleaned? How many RLU remains on the surfaces of frequently used items?

Simply click "new" within the environmental contamination project bar on your project page to open up a new scan.

The items that are being checked are subdivided in four categories: Medical instruments, patient related materials, water and sanitation and department related materials.

For each category, every item needs to be checked. The items that are presented, are randomised. A new questionnaire will render different items to check. Click the item that you wish to investigate.

Take for example the toilet flush. A blue "+"-sign indicates where you need to swab. Insert the swab into your ATP detection kit and enter the result of your luminometer (in RLU) in the designated. Next, press "Invoeren".

The app automatically calculates the result, which will be displayed in the overview by a mark. Green means clean, yellow is intermediate, red is contaminated and black is highly contaminated.

Should an item that needs to be checked not be present at the department on which you are conducting your survey, please click "N/A". The item will be greyed out in your overview screen and a new item will be presented, to replace the item that couldn't be checked.