Nothing is more frustrating to get back from your coffee break and realize that your data has vanished.

The questionnaires in the IRIS module have been designed so that you may leave a questionnaire at any given time by returning to the home screen and continue with it at another time. When this appears not to be the case, oftentimes this is related to the following causes:

* You are not working in the most recent version of the app - please check and update your app.

* You are working with multiple people in the same questionnaire - in order to prevent conflicting data, please do not work inside the same questionnaire with more than one device.

* Do you have a proper internet connection? Is the dot in the top left corner of your screen of a green color? Please check your upload speed here

Are you unsure whether your data is being stored and do you want to check without having to run a report, you can always access the data as entered by requsting an export

Have you checked it all and you still are running into some problems, please contact us at