First determine the report type: Have you gathered data concerning a hospital, nursery home or child care? Since the questions that are posed depend on what type of organization you are conducting research in, different data will be collected accordingly. Different data call for different report set-ups so this choice determines the template in which

Next you are requested to specify the projects and schedulers you what your reports to concern.

Since a certified IRIS report consists of a patient Scan, a Hand Hygiene scan, an environmental contamination scan, a structural conditions scan, and a clothing regulations scan, you will need to select a project to match each subtype.

The schedular determines what data needs to be included within the report.

Of course you would like to specify what department your report entails. You can select the concerned groups that match the department’s quota.

Please note:

  • If you select multiple group, we will run a full report for each separate group.

  • If you want to combine multiple groups into one report, for instance if you have spread your research over several groups/departments to meet the required amount of patients, but have completed separate Environmental Contamination Scans per group, please choose one group and continue to the next page, where you will be able to add groups to your report.