If you continue to the next page of the report wizard, you will reach the part where you are able to set up your mailing list. To what people do you want to send out your reports? Also if you would like to add multiple departments to be included in a single report, you can do so here.

To combine multiple departments in a single report, you can click the “add group” button behind the designated report, allowing you to select and add groups to the existing one.

If you have the foundation for your report set up, you can send them to yourself or others via e-mail. To add e-mail addresses to your send list, you need to import them in an excel file.

Click the export button to receive a template in which the group codes have already been allocated to the reports you wish to send. All you have to do is add the designated e-mail addresses in the correct cells under “EmailTo” and “EmailCC”. The export wil automatically land in your regular download map on your computer. If you would like to add multiple addresses, simply divide them by “;” and a space. Save the changes you made to the Excel file.

Next click the import button to import the addresses to the send list. Choose the correct file (you have just saved) and you will find the e-mail addresses will automatically be imported and displayed on the page in front of you.

Click next to continue to go to the Culture Results page.