The Report details page allows you to edit your report. You can certify it, designate a status to it, enter a follow-up number for this report, alter texts or even adjust criteria.

If you want this report to be a Certified IRIS Report, choose “yes” when asked whether you would like this report to be certified. Since the research and reporting of an IRIS needs to meet specific standardizations, you will not be able to alter the contents or criteria of the report. The switches behind “Use default text” and “Use official IRIS norm” will be greyed out.

Of course, if you would like to, you will be able to run your own reports without a certification. In that case you are able to alter the explanatory text of the different areas of reporting or alter the IRIS standardization as used in the report. Simply click “no” in answer to the question “Certified?” You will now see the switches behind “Use default text” and “Use official IRIS norm” become available for editing.

You would still able to use the default text or default norm, but if you want to edit the text or write your own description you are able to do so by toggling the Default text switch to “off” You are now able to place your cursor inside the textboxes and adjust the text to your liking.

The same goes for the standardization of the IRIS values. Standard IRIS criteria dictates an amount of less than 1000 RLU to be clean and an amount of 3000 RLU or higher to be Dirty. If, within your organization you maintain different criteria you can alter the amount, so that an amount of 1100 RLU is still considered to be acceptable in terms of cleanliness. This allows for some leniency in your reporting, or for even higher standards to meet.

If you are satisfied with your settings, please choose “next” to go to the next screen in which you can set up your accompanying e-mail.