In short: for as long as you decide to retain it. CYS will never delete any (personal) data in your portal. Your portal users (depending on their access rights) are in charge of managing the retention periods of the data that is present in the portal. 

To make life easier, we have added several features to your portal that make managing retention periods a breeze. Sounds good doesn't it? 

To start with, we have added labelling options to your data columns. You can indicate per column if there is personal data present, and if so, if it concerns low risk, medium risk or high risk data. Once you have labelled your data, you can use a few basic default rules that we have provided for you to manage this data. You can simply activate or deactivate these default rules. 

Do you need a more dynamic approach? By using the Dynamic Rule Engine, you are able to add specific conditions and rules that will automatically manage your retention periods for you.  For more details on how this works, check out the different applications of our Dynamic Rule Engine.