Within the Carglass project, there are different sets of questions defined. Depending on the Business Partner it concerns, a certain set of questions is applied.

Periodically, we receive requests to either add a new Business Partner, or to change the questions-group that applies to an existing Business Partner.

Follow these steps to process this change:

1. Open the file (OneDrive): Operations\6. Customers\Carglass\KFM Carglass\2. IT Requests\BPCat KFM Carglass.xls

This file provides an overview of all Business Partners and the background variables that apply.

2. Locate the correct Business Partner in the list, and change the group number that is stated in Column E.


2. Add a new Business Partner at the bottom of the list, and apply the background variables of the correct group.

3. Describe the change you made, the ticket number of the request and the date in Column T. (for versioning purposes).

4. Submit an IT Work Request in Wrike, in which you ask the IT department to process the change, and add the updated file to this request form.

By default, changes should NOT be processed retrospective. This action concerns a change in the conditions of the questionnaire. 

Making changes to historical data is a separate change.

5. When IT confirms the change is processed, inform the customer that the change is live, and close the ticket.