Every month an export is added to the Start People dashboard, with an overview of the survey invites that are sent out.

Follow these steps to publish the export file:

1. Request an updated export from the IT department, concerning the project 'Start People Beoordelingstool' The export definition is called 'VerzBeoord'.

2. Upload this file to the Downloads tab of the Start People Analysis. In order to do this, go to the admin environment of www.klantfeedbackmonitor.nl and open the Analysis called 'Start People Beoordelingstool'.

Click on the item 'Tabs' and open the item 'Downloads'.

3. Click on 'Add Document' on your rights hand side and upload the export file. Make sure to use a proper name, indicating the previous month.

4. After uploading the file, make sure to delete the previous file (using the red X behind the document name.

4. Hit Save to store your changes.