This article will explain the different types of Information pages that you can use within your questionnaire. The goal of this type of page is to provide your respondent with the information they need to complete the questionnaire.

When you create a questionnaire, there are four types of information pages automatically created for you. These are so called system pages: they are required in order for your questionnaire to work properly.

By default, these information pages are empty: you can design them to your liking and add any text you want, so get creative!

You can recognize these system pages by their page name or by a mouse-over: an information icon will appear in the top left corner. 

The four information pages that are automatically created are the following:

  • Start page
  • End page
  • Completed page
  • Time Elapsed page

Start page

This page is the starting point of your questionnaire. You can use it as a landing page for your respondents, for example to inform them about the goal of your questionnaire. 

By default the Editor view is shown: a text area box with a rich HTML text editor. If you prefer to edit this page with an HTML / CSS editor, you can activate this function in the Page settings in the right hand menu.

Because this is a required system page, you are not able to delete it. If you do not want your respondents to see this page, you can deactivate the page with the toggle switch in the Page settings.

End page

This page concludes your questionnaire. You can use it for example to thank your respondent for participating, or present any type of final information you like.

Similar to the starting page, you can choose your preferred way to edit this page and whether or not you want to show this page to the respondent, but deleting it is not an option. (Sorry!)

Completed page

This page is used to inform your respondent they can not re-take the same questionnaire. If this particular questionnaire is already completed by this respondent and they try to open it again, this is the page they are redirected to. 

Time Elapsed page

When you invite your respondents to take a questionnaire, they have a limited time period to complete the questionnaire. After this period, the link to the questionnaire becomes inactive and the respondent no longer has access to the questionnaire. If they click on an expired link, they will be redirected to this page. 

General Information page

In addition to the system pages that are automatically created, you have the option to add general information pages to your questionnaire. You can use these to explain certain parts of your questionnaire, or present any type of information you want to your respondents. You can choose the Information page when you add a new page to your questionnaire.