This page type allows you to present a question with its answer options. There is a variety of question types and answer options you can add, but the lay-out of the page always consists of the same building blocks. In this article we will explain the basics of this Question page.

The question page consists of two main areas, which are illustrated below:

Question area
The top part of this page is the question area, which is made up of three different components:

  1. Question field: Here you can enter the question that is displayed to the respondent.
  2. Image field: With this option, you can upload a media file from your media library to support the question. With a mouse-over on this field, the remove button will appear.
  3. Description field: You can add a description to your question by using this field. If needed, you can add multiple description fields by clicking on the ‘Add description’ icon. If you don’t need a description field: the remove button will appear with a mouse-over for this field as well.

Answer area
The bottom part of this page is the answer area. While creating the question page, you already selected a certain question type through the carrousel, which results in a default answering option that matches your question type. If you click ‘Add answer’, additional answer boxes will appear.

Changing the question / answer type
If you want to completely select a different question and answer type, use the bin icon at the top of the answer area to remove the answer options all together. You will get a pop-up, stating you are about to delete a subpage. Confirm to delete. Only after deleting this you are able to re-open the carrousel to choose a different question and answer type. Our articles on the different Question pages provide more details on the question types you can use.

Depending on the question type you select, you can edit the details on your page through the Settings.