Some situations require a deeper level of understanding the question or issue you raised with our support department. Screen shots are helpful, but not always enough to handle complex questions. For this reason, your portal offers the option to add a support user.

The Support Users tab
Within your User Management, you will find the tab for Support Users. In this tab, a list is shown of the support users that have access to your portal. A support user is an employee from the CYS support department that is helping you out with the question or issue you submitted. Because they are not part of the regular users within your portal, they are shown in a separate tab. By default, this list is empty.

When is a Support User added to my portal
When facing difficulties of any kind it can be very useful to let our Support Department have a look at the settings of your portal. Our Support Department is able to add a support user to your portal, but only after your permission. As soon as they have handled your question or issue, the support users will be removed from your portal.

What access level does a Support User have
A support user has administrator rights, which are needed to look into the issue you reported.

What does a Support User do
Under no circumstance will our support user make any changes to the settings of your portal. After they have located the issue, they will advise you on what needs to be done in order to resolve the issue.