The IRIS module provides you with an easy way of logging the results of your patient scans.

How far and in what way are patients a risk factor in spreading antibiotic resistent bacteriae?

Simply click "new" within the patient scan project bar on your project page to open up a new scan.

You will be asked to fill out details concerning the test subjects, over a number of categories: sample, patient data, catheter use, culture and the use of antibiotics. You can choose to enter all data in the predesigned order by clicking "next" but you are also able to skip through the questionnaire by clicking on the different menu options.

First you need to determine if you would like this patient to become a part of a new sample or whether the patient is part of an existing sample.

If the patient is part of a new sample, you will be asked for the sample date and the number of patients that are hospitalized on that day.

If the patient is part of an existing sample, you will be presented with a dropdown that lists all the previously entered samples to which you can add the new patient.

Please use the new sample option for every first patient within a sample that you wish to enter.

Click "next".

Next you will be asked to enter client data over three different subgroups: General, hospitalization and McCabe. These questions include personal data (date of birth will automatically be hid from view because of privacy reasons), specifics concerning the patient's hospitalization and an indication of the McCabe score.

Please note: the patient ID is automatically generated and consists of the IRISID with a subsequent ascending number. This ID guarantees an anonymous yet correct handling of patient data within the app and allows for cultures to be matched to this data.

The following step concerns the use of one or more types of catheters. Depending on what option is relevant to the patient, you will be requested to answer detailed follow-up question concerning the type of catheter and the reasons for choosing this particular type of catheter.

A sample cultivation needs to be collected from the patient and sent to the lab. If this is the case, click "yes", if it isn't, click "no".

The questions concerning antibiotics follow the same style as do the questions concerning the use of catheters. Depending on what answer you provide, follow-up questions will be asked concerning the type of medication administered, the dosage hereof and the infection parameters. Next you will be provided with an indication of justification of adminsitering the concerned antibiotics under the aforementioned conditions.

Finally, you will be asked to double check your entries. If they are complete, you may now enter your results. Please note that once you have definitively entered your results, they cannot be edited anymore.