We have created a fully responsive template for your questionnaire that will look good on any device. How great is that? But you probably also want to give your questionnaire your own look & feel. That's where the Template tab comes into play. This feature will enable you to customize the template to your liking. This article will explain all the different options and features available to you. 

Open your questionnaire, and use the tabs on the top of the page to open the Template settings. You will see the following page, that can be divided into four main areas:

  1. Color settings
  2. Background settings 
  3. Text settings
  4. Contact details

Color settings
You can use these settings to adjust the main colors of your questionnaire in the respondent view. There are three levels defined: 

  • Primary color 
  • Secondary color 
  • Highlight color

Clicking on the circle to open a color palette to pick the desired color. Another option is to fill out the HEX code to specify your color.

Background settings
You can use these settings to adjust the background of your questionnaire in the respondent view, with the following options:

  • Background image: click on the image to open the media library, select the image you want to use and click Add. If you want to remove an image, hover over the image and press the remove icon.
  • Background color: if there is no background image uploaded, this is the color used for the background. 
  • Opacity setting: by adjusting the slider you can select the opacity level you want to apply. 
  • Logo 1: here you can upload the main logo used in your questionnaire. 
  • Logo 2: here you can upload an additional logo. 

Text settings
You can use these settings to adjust the font, the size and the color of your texts. You can differentiate the text design on three different levels:

  • Question texts
  • Answer texts
  • Description texts 

Contact details
You have the option to include a phone number and an e-mailadress, which will be displayed to your respondents in the footer of the questionnaire. 

This way, they have an easy way to reach out to you with any questions they might have. 

Update the template
The Template tab has an auto save feature, so any changes you make will be automatically saved for you. 

After you have made all the desired changes in the settings, you can use the Update button in the top right corner to apply all your changes to your questionnaire.

Return to default settings

If you want to return to the default settings, simply use the Reset to default button in the top right corner to delete your changes and apply the default template again.