Now that you have created a group and a characteristics form, it is time to link them.

The main reason for dividing users into groups is to provide them with accurate and relevant, to-the-point information and keep them from having access to irrelevant information that might be confusing or distracting. What information is relevant to a particular group is determined by the qualifications you enter in the form fields that are connected to a characteristics form.

Take, for example a retail organization that spans across different areas. They have different types of stores, divided over different regions.

The organization is conducting an audit for which they need to filter over these types and regions. Since this is not information that is not a variable in the questionnaire, the groups section offers a tab, which allows you to enter data over which you can differentiate the information additional to the questionnaire itself. Note:  since this is information that is related to the groups, it always concerns information that needs to be filtered on an organizational level. Process or respondent related information cannot be filtered upon using a characteristics form.

The corresponding characteristics form that has been created has been named Retail and differentiates between the groups created:

In this case we created the following variables to distinguish between:

Area: Area 1, Area 2

Shop: Shop 1, Shop 2, Shop 3,

Store Type: Megastore, Regular Store, Specialty Shopping

Now let's return to the Groups tab and activate the characteristics form by toggling the switch to on and selecting the specific characteristics form you wish to link to this group. Next you are given access to a new tab, the Characteristics Form, in which you can enter the specific details that are relevant to this particular group. As an example, let's compare the entries we made for two different store types: the Megastore (left) and the Specialty Shopping (right):

If you work with large numbers of groups and subgroups, it may be tiresome to fill out all characteristics form fields. This is why it is possible to assign a group manager for each group. The group manager will have the authority to fill out these fields for you, within the groups that he or she is group manager of.