Adding a root cause page to your questionnaire may prove to be an extremely invaluable way of locating an underying problem to the feedback of a dissatisfied respondent. This is a follow up page to an earlier question page, categorizing the open answer to, for instance a KPI type question.

A root cause is a harmful factor that is most basic and fundamental to a certain problem. The root cause is the answer to the question which process is failing. To find an error, you need to locate the signs in which it manifests itself first. Even though these signs may be vast and widespread, the root cause that is leading to them on the other hand, may be much simpler.

In much the same way you can use this root cause page for an accurate indication of the strenghts within a process.

By asking in what area the cause of a respondents biggest (dis)satisfaction lies, you will be able to rule out area's of a process that only cause for minor grievances. The options you wish to present the repsondent with as a primary field are called categories.

To further determine the cause of a weakness or strength in detail, you can create sub answer options for each category. After a first choice has been made by the respondent, the category of his/her choice will unfold into other subsections and by a follow up selection that concerns only designated fields for that particular cause, you will be able to locate a root cause by just two clicks from a respondent.

To improve the user friendliness of this root cause page, we have designed it to be able to carry both textual categories and sub answer options, but also images, to make these pages more quick and fun to answer.