A checklist page provides an auditor or respondent with a quick and user friendly way to check whether conditions are being met. By using images or media files as answer categories , a question page becomes more quick, fun and visual to answer, thus improving your response rate

The checklist page type splits up into tw different subtypes. These types of pages vary, depending on the type of answer the respondent can provide you with. We recognise the following subtypes:

Image Checklist Question Page

An image checklist is a question page in which the answer categories are presented as images. All images have the same answer categories and you can group checks in up to five different tabs, thus creating a dependency. Simply clicking the image results in an answer and multiple clicks result in different answers, depending on how many options you have selected in the answer view. By attaching icons to your answers (for example a red cross or a green checkmark) the answers will become just as enjoyable to look at as the image checklist page itself.

Condition Checklist Question Page

A condition checklist page is a question page that follows the same format as an image checklist page does. However by adding the options to answer in values, the program will put out the measurement to a preset norm. The respondent simply answer a value in numbers, percentages and temperature and the outcome will be ranked in up to five possible levels. The respondent will receive direct feedback on how the amount relates to what is the norm set within the answer view of the question page. This question page is particularly useful when checking whether certain norms are being met.