When you create your own CYS Portal, you probably want to customize it to your own liking. We get that. In that case, Portal management is the place to be. 

You can change a multitude of items, starting with your Portal Settings. This article explains the different options available and how to use them. 

Go to Management > Portal in your main menu (left side). This will automatically open the first tab, which is exactly where you need to be:

This first tab shows your Portal Settings, which include:

Portal name

The name you fill out here is used in your browser tab. You can use approximately 25 to 30 characters, depending on the browser you use. As soon as you are done filling it out, it will be applied in the tab you are working in. This gives you the opportunity to check and correct it to fit the tab. Please note: You can only use alphanumeric characters in this field, so no symbols, special characters or punctuation.

Date format

You can select the way you want dates to be displayed. We have several options available in a dropdown, simply click the one you like.

Time format

The same goes for the time format: select your preferred way of displaying times.

Time zone 

You can indicate the time zone that you want to apply to your portal. You are able to scroll through the dropdown list, but by typing keywords you can quickly search this list. 

Done! Looking for the Save button? No need. All your changes will be saved automatically for you!