Another part of your Portal management is the tab where you can customize the look and feel of your portal. There are three main areas in the Look and Feel tab:

The top area gives you the option to select the colors which is classify in: primary color, secondary color, highlight color and miscellaneous color. 

The middle area you can choose the general portal settings:

Background image: You can select an image to be your background image of your portal.

Background color: You can choose the background color for your portal.

Opacity Setting: You can choose the best opacity for the background image.

Logo: You can add the logo of your company which will be placed at the left side of your portal. The recommended size for this image is: 120px by 45px.

Favicon Settings: You can add your logo, and this will be placed at the top left from the tab of your browser.

The bottom left area displays the Look and Feel settings. There are two items you can adjust here:

Sidebar Image: When activated, this will apply a background image to your main menu. It will use the image that is added to your Sidebar images, which are displayed in the bottom right area in the example above.  After added a background image, once you toggle the Sidebar Image off only the color filter will be displayed. 

Fixed NavBar: When activated, your top menu (with quick access to your notifications, languages and profile) will be locked in place. Even when scrolling down, they will stay within reach.

All the settings that you adjust will be automatically saved. Do you want to start over? Simply click on Reset to default at the bottom of your page and start again!