To create a new project unfold the Data Collection tab in your main menu and choose one of the project types, based on the angle of your research, to open up the project overview screen. We distinguish three different project types; Customer Feedback, Business (Audits, Forms & Checklists) and Employee Feedback.  When selecting your preferred project type, an overview screen will appear immediately. 

By clicking on the + symbol, at the left upper corner of the dashboard, you can add a new project to the dashboard. 

Every project needs to have a unique name and the project (sub)type needs to be assigned. Each one comes with their own set of subtypes, depending on their goal, set up and methodology. It is required to fill out these details and you are not able to change them later on, since they are linked to other aspects of your project such as reporting options. For more details, please review our articles on the available project (sub)types.

After filling out the required details, simply click Create. A project widget that gives you an overview of your new project is added to your dashboard.