Every portal is equipped with a blog page, which is a great way to share news, ideas or any other type of information with the users in your account. You can find the Blog in your main menu on the left. If you click on Blog, you will see an overview of all the published blogs with the most recent ones on top. If you then click on one of the previews, you will be redirected to the complete blog article. An example blog is shown below, indicating the main components of a blog article.

A picture is worth a thousand words so the first element of your blogpage will be your main picture. You are able to set the size of this picture when you are creating the blog, in order to draw attention to your most important posts first. You can select the image from your media library or directly add a new image to your media library by uploading it.

The title is the second element which will be shown directly under your main picture.
Use a catchy title to interest your readers. The author and publication date are indicated for future reference. 

Under these three main elements your blog article will appear. This main text can contain additional links en images, and you are able to edit the layout by using the blog editor.

You can insert these options when you are creating and publishing your blog article.