If you have read our article on the blogpage and your eager to create one, this next article will explain everything on creating a blog. 

Just follow the next steps to easily create your own blog.

Time to start with the first step. Go to the Blog list page by clicking on Blogs from the main menu and selecting Blog list in the dropdown.
An overview of all (un)published blog articles will appear. You can use the search bar to quickly select an item, or search for publications within a certain time frame. 

The list shows relevant information, such as the author, last modification data of the blog, and its publication status. This Blog list page give you the option to manage your Blog page, by creating new blogs, editing, publishing or deleting them.  

In order to create a new blog, click on the Add new blog button located on right upper corner. This will open the blog editor.

It’s now time to create your own blog article! Start by filling out the title of your blog, under Blog Header. Tip: Keep it short and simple to interest your potential readers.

Next, click on the Upload image button to select an image to go with your blog. A good picture will support the subject of your blog and make it more appealing on the overview page. You can indicate if you want to publish this blog as a Large post or a Small post, depending on the importance you want to give it.

You're now finished setting up the header and you are ready to add content to your blog article. 

Use the formatting tools above your textbox to highlight, accentuate and align your text for easier reading. 

You can also add-in pictures and hyperlinks if needed.

If you prefer a bigger editing box, simply use the resize bar to create more space.

After adding your main text, you can save your work as a draft. Just click the Save button and you will be redirected back to the Blog list page where your new article is added as an unpublished item. You are now able to review and publish it!