You have created the questionnaire for your project and of course you are eager to make it available to others!

Perhaps to your customers for feedback on their experience, or to your employees so they can perform internal audits or let you know how energized they are. 

But every situation asks for a different approach: you want a questionnaire to be available 24/7 or only in a specific period. Maybe you want to invite your respondents by e-mail, place an open link on your website, or provide access to the questionnaire through the CYS mobile app. 

This is all possible with our Schedulers for data collection!

With the scheduler functionality you are able to send out your questionnaire by email, or publish it to a group of users in the CYS app, or even create a fixed link or QR code that can be used repeatedly.  

You can create multiple schedulers for a project by setting up the basic criteria once and then copying and editing them. 

These are just a few examples. The scheduler is a powerfull tool that will make your data collection a lot easier.

In short: you have endless variations and possibilities to get your questionnaire out there.

Let's add a scheduler to get started!