Select Projects in your main menu and go to your project widget. Now click on the dots in the top right corner of your widget to show the additional options, and select Scheduler to go to the Scheduler page.

You’re on the scheduler overview page now. This page gives you an overview of all schedulers that have been created in your portal. You can edit this page to your preference. 

Next, it’s time to click on the big plus to add your first scheduler.

The following carroussel will appear:

You now need to select a scheduler type in order to continue. You can choose from the following options:

IOS & Android App (Mobile & Tablet)

Project planner

Forms & Checklists

Open invitation 

Open Link Invitation and QR code: 

Personal invitation 

Email invitation

Choose an appropriate scheduler type for your project and click Add.

Enter a unique name for your reference and confirm by clicking Create. 

A new scheduler widget is now added to your overview page. 

At the top of the widget, you can now select the pencil icon in order to continue setting up your scheduler.