You’ve added your first scheduler and now it’s time to continue the set up of the Planning and Project management scheduler.

When you click on the pen symbol in the scheduler you’ve created, the first tab automatically opens up.

This is the planning and project management page:

On this page you can add the settings of the scheduler. You must fill out the following options; 

Active: Use this toggle to activate or deactivate your scheduler. 

Name: Enter a recognizable name for this specific scheduler, so you can easily find it in the future.
Start date and End date: Enter the start date and end date to indicate the period in which your data collection takes place. 

List view: When activated, the app user that fills out the questionnaire through the app is able to see the different records that they have filled out. When deactivated, the app users is not able to view the records that they have entered: once submitted they are no longer accessible to them.
Use quota as: This option indicates if the quota number on this project should be an exact amount (after which the data collection closes) or a minimum amount of questionnaires that have to be filled in. 

Please note: the actual quota number can be entered in the quota management tab, which will be available after you completed the planning and project management tab. 

After you click Save, the additional tabs for Users and Quota Management will appear. 

Continue with those tabs to finish programming your Scheduler.